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Arkiveringsdatum 190826:

The Cqnversation 19-08-08:

Americans' support for immigration is at record highs - government out of sync till sidans topp

Mariano Sana

Since its start, the Trump administration has implemented policies to step up immigration enforcement and reduce the number of immigrants admitted into the U.S.

Many of these efforts - like the border wall, the travel ban, family separations, DACA termination and detention centers - have received wide media attention. In addition, the White House slashed refugee admissions, ended a number of special programs and changed rules used to adjudicate visa applications.

As a result of these and myriad lesser-known administrative changes, legally immigrating to the U.S. has become a lot harder, as evidenced by the sharp increase in the number of visa denials in 2018. President Donald Trump heads the most immigration-restrictive administration since the 1920s.

Yet decades of public opinion polls show that Americans have never felt warmer toward immigrants, nor have they ever been more supportive of immigration.

Rolling out the welcome mat

Consider the trends recorded by Gallup, a polling firm.

Since the 1960s, Gallup has been asking this question: "In your view, should immigration be kept at its current level, increased, or decreased?" Those who answer "decreased" have historically outnumbered those who say "increased," with the gap peaking in the mid-1990s at an overwhelming 65% who wanted decreased immigration, to 7% who wanted increased immigration.

Since the turn of the century, however, preferences changed significantly. The last measurement, from this year, showed 35% who want immigration to decrease versus 27% who want it to increase, with 37% of respondents supporting keeping current levels.

That means that nearly two-thirds of Americans are at least fine with immigration as is.


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The American Prospect 19-08-15:

The U.S. Is Mistreating Children in Its Custody. Can International Law Help? till sidans topp

Michael Garcia Bochenek and Warren Binford

"Nobody takes care of us here," an 11-year-old boy in a U.S. Border Patrol facility told us.

urderous violence. Sexual assault. Criminal gangs. Domestic abuse. Failed governments. Police unwilling or unable to offer protection. These are the reasons child after child gave for coming to the United States in search of safety, as we interviewed them in the U.S. Border Patrol facilities in El Paso, Texas, in June.

Many of the children had plausible claims to asylum that should be seriously considered, and every child had the right to be treated humanely and with dignity. Yet many broke down in tears as they described abuse and severe neglect at the hands of the U.S. government: hunger, cruelty, lice and flu spreading through the cells, and sleeping on concrete floors, in tents, a windowless warehouse, a loading dock. For days. Weeks in some cases. Some described assaults by Border Patrol agents.

"Nobody takes care of us here," an 11-year-old boy told us. "I try to take care of my little brother and sister since no one will take care of them. There are little kids here who have no one to take care of them ... Some kids are only two or three years old and they have no one to take care of them."

As the stories unfolded in interview after interview, we wondered what would end the systematic abuse of these children-what combination of public pressure, media attention, legal change, litigation, and other strategies could push officials to do the right thing.

We considered whether international law could help. Probably not, at least not directly. Although the United States has actively participated in building the international legal framework that protects children's rights, it has been loath to bind its own conduct by international norms.


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Arkiveringsdatum 190801:

The Progressive 19-07-25:

How to get children out of cages till sidans topp

by Warren Binford, Michael Garcia Bochenek

The evidence is consistent, and damning-children are being hurt. We don't have to agree on the outcome in order to do the right thing.

As members of a team of lawyers tasked with interviewing immigrant children held in U.S. Border Patrol detention facilities, we have been compelled to speak out about our findings exposing the systematic abuse and neglect of migrant children in government custody.

Regardless of their views on immigration, good and decent people on both sides of the aisle should surely agree that we do not want to hurt children, and that, right now, we should set and enforce clear legal standards of care for children in U.S. government custody.

What we have learned so far is deeply troubling. At the migrant detention center in Clint, Texas, filthy children told us they'd had irregular access to showers, had been wearing the same clothes since they'd arrived, and were facing outbreaks of influenza. Some were trying to take care of younger children they didn't know. A group of girls said guards pulled their bedding and mattresses out of their cell and ordered them to sleep on the floor as punishment for losing a comb.

Dozens of children held in Arizona told government inspectors they endured groping of breasts and genitals, along with racial and other derogatory slurs by border agents. A government inspection report detailed "dangerous overcrowding," serious health concerns, and excessively prolonged detention in border stations in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

And even so, a government lawyer told a federal appellate court that the legal requirement of "safe and sanitary" detention conditions for children didn't necessarily mean giving them soap, clean clothes, toothbrushes, or an uninterrupted night of sleep.


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Arkiveringsdatum 190609:

Sveriges Radio Ekot 19-05- 17:

Trumps migrationsförslag möter motstånd till sidans topp

USA:s president Trump vill minska anhöriginvandringen till USA och i stället prioritera personer med hög utbildning och resurser att klara sig ekonomiskt.

Men förslaget möter motstånd från flera håll och har små utsikter att passera kongressen.

Det amerikanska migrationssystemet ska ta in folk som kan öka möjligheterna för amerikanska låginkomsttagare - inte konkurrera med dem om jobben, sa Donald Trump i ett tal i Vita husets trädgård.

Talet verkade vända sig lika mycket till möjliga väljare i presidentvalet nästa år som till de kongresspolitiker som skulle behöva rösta igenom en migrationsreform för att den ska bli verklighet.


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Arkiveringsdatum 190415:

The Beast 19-03-15:

One year ago, America stole my 7-year-old. I want him back till sidans topp


We followed U.S. law, and asked for asylum. After one night together, I was told, 'You don't have any rights here, and you don't have any rights to stay with your son.'

The Trump Administration claims it has stopped separating families seeking protection and they're doing all they can to reunite those who remain apart. I would like very much to believe this is true, but it's hard for me to have hope.

One year ago, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security stole my 7-year-old son from me, and confined me in an immigration jail in Texas. There is no word when we will be together again.

I have committed no crime.

My son and I fled Brazil after we received repeated death threats from drug traffickers, who collaborated daily with local police. They said they would kill us no matter where we fled to in Brazil, and would do so "without pity" if we sought help from police. We came to the U.S.A. to request protection from persecution in our home country. We followed U.S. law, and asked for asylum at an official border crossing in El Paso, Texas.

We were together for one night, and the following day they took him away. I begged them not to separate us. They told me, "You don't have any rights here, and you don't have any rights to stay with your son." I was trying not to cry, and asked my son to be strong while he cried for them not to take him. He was scared they were going to hurt him, or me. He begged me not to let them take him, while all I could do was pray helplessly to God to take care of him. I didn't even know where they were taking him.


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SvT Utrikes yyy 19-03-30:

Trump hotar att stänga gränsen mot Mexiko till sidans topp

USA:s president Donald Trump hotar att dra in handelsavtal med Mexiko och stänga gränsen mot landet helt om inte Mexiko omedelbart stoppar alla migranter från att olagligt ta sig in i USA, rapporterar Reuters.

- Det finns en väldigt god sannolikhet att jag stänger gränsen i nästa vecka, och det är inga problem för mig, sade Donald Trump till journalister på fredagen, skriver Reuters.

Under de två år som USA:s president, har Donald Trump vid flera tillfällen sagt att han tänker stänga gränsen mot Mexiko med anledning av omfattande flyktingströmmar till USA.

Vita huset säger, enligt Reuters, att man har haft svårt de senaste veckorna att hantera alla asylsökare från olika länder i Centralamerika som korsar den mexikanska gränsen, vilket Trump kräver ska stoppas till varje pris.

Stoppar handeln om inget görs

Under februari månad omhändertogs drygt 66 540 personer vid den mexikanska gränsen - vilket är en ökning på med än det dubbla jämfört med förra året.


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Arkiveringsdatum 190209:

Center for Migration Studies 19-01-09:

Donald Kerwin: Statement on the US Border and Border Wall till sidans topp

Last evening, President Trump addressed the nation from the Oval Office, asserting that there exists a crisis on our southern border which necessitates the construction of a border wall.

Despite the president's claims that a crisis exists on the border, the facts demonstrate otherwise. The Center for Migration Studies of New York (CMS) has released several reports which show that border crossings have dropped significantly over the past several years.

A 2016 CMS report showed that net migration from Mexico between 2010 and 2016 dropped 11 percent. The undocumented population from Mexico dropped by an additional 400,000 from 2016 to 2017. Migration from other parts of Latin America, save the Northern Triangle, also dropped significantly. The report's overall conclusion was that the number of undocumented in the nation had dropped to 10.8 million, a new low. The report can be found at http://cmsny.org/publications/warren-undocumented-2016/

CMS also issued a report which found that the number of persons who have overstayed their visas between 2008 and 2014 had exceeded the number of border crossers. In 2014, overstays represented two-thirds of those who joined the undocumented population. The report can be found at http://cmsny.org/publications/jmhs-visa-overstays-border-wall/

A recent study by several immigrant rights organizations, entitled Death, Damage, and Failure: Past, Present, and Future Impacts of Walls on the US-Mexico Border, details the damage caused to border communities by already existing walls and fencing along the border, and how the extension of a wall would cause economic, environmental, and human harm moving forward.


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Arkiveringsdatum 181231:

Aftonbladet debatt 18-12-27:

Landet som stängdes av till sidans topp

Susanna Kierkegaard

En sjuåring ska inte hållas i "förvar" av en gränsmyndighet, en sjuåring ska inte vara utan mat i flera dagar och en sjuåring ska inte dö av chock och uttorkning. Ändå hände det en flicka för två veckor sedan. Hon hade flytt från Guatemala till USA.

Får kritik för "grymhetskultur"

Och i tisdags hände det igen. Strax efter midnatt mot juldagen gick ytterligare ett barn bort efter att ha hållits i ett amerikanskt flyktingförvar. Den här gången var det en åttaårig pojke, även han från Guatemala. Pojken var sjuk i feber och fördes till sjukhus under måndagen, fick lite medicin och skickades tillbaka till förvaret. När han trots det blev sämre skickades han tillbaka till sjukhuset och kom aldrig därifrån.


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Arkiveringsdatum 181108:

Svenska Dagbladet 18-10-31:

Jurister torpederar Trumps utspel om medborgarskap till sidans topp

President Donald Trump vill riva upp rätten till medborgarskap för illegala immigranters barn som föds i USA. Men jurister hävdar att Trump inte kan ändra grundlagen själv.


Den rätten kallas "birthright citizenship", ungefär medborgarskap från födseln.

- Vi är det enda landet i världen som ger den rätten, hävdade Trump felaktigt i en intervju med nyhetssajten Axios på tisdagen.

Ett 30-tal länder, inklusive Kanada, har liknande rättigheter enligt flera faktakontroller.

Den amerikanska regeln är betydligt mer generös än exempelvis den svenska, där ett nyfött barn får svenskt medborgarskap från födseln under förutsättning att en förälder är svensk medborgare, enligt Migrationsverket.

Garantin för nyfödda finns med i landets grundlag, konstitutionen. I det 14:e tillägget står det bland annat, i SvD:s översättning, "Alla personer födda eller naturaliserade i USA och som lyder under dess jurisdiktion är medborgare i USA och i den delstat där de lever."

President Trump hävdade i intervjun att han kan ändra regeln genom en så kallad exekutiv order, ett presidentdekret. Han hävdade att han fått den informationen från rådgivare i Vita huset.

- Du kan göra det med hjälp av kongressen. Men nu säger de att jag kan göra det bara med en exekutiv order, sa Trump.


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Expressen 18-11-01:

Donald Trump delade rasistisk kampanjfilm till sidans topp

Presidentens hot när karavanen närmar sig

Tusentals migranter fortsätter sin färd i Mexiko och mot amerikanska gränsen.

Samtidigt hårdnar retoriken från president Trump.

I ett tal vid Vita huset upprepade han sitt påstående om att karavanen är fyllda av unga, tuffa, farliga män - och antydde att han gett soldaterna som ska bevaka gränsen tillstånd att skjuta.

- Jag sa "Om de kastar sten, se det som ett skjutvapen".

Den största karavanen av migranter från Centralamerika bedöms bestå av cirka 4 000 människor som nu närmar sig amerikanska delstaten Texas.

Polisen vittnar om hur migranter klamrar sig fast på bilar efter att de tvingats vandra hela vägen tills fots.

Soldater ska vakta gränsen

Ytterligare en karavan befinner sig i landet men beskrevs som mer sårbar då den saknar ledare och mediebevakning, skriver tidningen.

Donald Trump har sedan tidigare vidtagit åtgärder. 7 000 soldater ska skickas till gränsen för att i samarbete med gränspolisen stoppa flyktingströmmen.

- Vi måste ha en mur av människor, säger Donald Trump enligt Washington Post.

Enligt presidenten har flyktingarna allvarligt skadat militärer i Mexiko i bråk och stenkastning som uppstått vid gränsen mot Guatemala.

- Detta är tuffa typer, i många fall unga starka män, sade Trump och fortsatte:

- Om de vill kasta sten på vår militär, då slår vår militär tillbaka, varnade presidenten som inte utesluter att man använder vapen mot flyktingarna om det blir våldsamma upplopp vid gränsen.


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